According to Africa Renewal Online, conditions on the Africa continent are great for virtual (digital) currency. This explains the reason why interest in cryptocurrency is growing steadily in Africa. Crytocurrency is seen to be a disruptive innovation that will blossom on the continent.

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African entrepreneurs are now developing Crypto assets that seek to solve Africa’s indigenous problems such as improved healthcare, remittances, poverty alleviation, etc

Citizens of countries battling high inflation are now opting for cryptocurrency. This is because of their decentralized nature and the elimination of the regulatory role of the central bank.

Truth be told, Africa needs blockchain technology and its resultant cryptocurrencies more than any part of the world.

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In this Podcast, Anthony Saint Mzungu Founder & CEO of Kwakoo Marketplace describes Onyxcoin, as the best cryptocurrency to buy now in Africa, given that it is Africa’s new monetary and wealth transfer value system.

He further attributes to Onyxcoin, the caption “the future of global payments.”

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