Solar Light 4 Life

Donate a Solar Powered Light for Off-Grid Poor Families


We will purchase at volume and distribute to our small self-help groups on credit ultra-affordable study and work solar lanterns that will provide 4 hours bright light on a full day’s charge using highly efficient light-emitting diodes. Our lantern provides focused light that can be oriented in any direction, making it ideal for studying or working. The solar panel is conveniently integrated into the lamp to make solar charging simple and easy. We are targeting 1,500 initial beneficiaries


Families living in far-flung areas that are not reached by electricity are hampered by the lack of light in the evening. They have difficulty in doing ordinary chores in the evening and school children have a hard time studying. Productivity in the household is also hampered.


The project will distribute solar lanterns to poor families living in off-grid areas in the Adamawa, Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon. The solar lanterns are charged via ordinary sunlight and this will provide continuous light at least 4-6 hours per evening. This will enable the family members to continue doing their household activities and school-children to study thus increasing the productivity of the family.

Long-Term Impact

Improvement in socio-economic conditions of poor households living in off-grid communities. Improvement also of the studying capacity of school-children and potentially giving them high chance of being good citizens in the future.