Entrepreneurs Digest


Starting a business can be quite tough as you not only have to produce quality products or services but have to deal with the pressure that comes with being your own boss.  As an entrepreneur, there is a need for you to be continuously innovative and creative as you seek ...
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Time Management Tips

The Successful Entrepreneur’s Guide Entrepreneurship is beyond engaging in the activities that characterize your business. Behind the to and fro, the back and forth, the strategizing, transactions, networking and communication, there is a mind-set. Just as victory begins with an attitude, entrepreneurship begins with a frame of mind, and this ...
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how to write a good business plan

How to Write a Good Business Plan

Now that you know the importance of a business plan in entrepreneurship, how about we get to know how to write a good business plan? Consider the business plan to be the silent arbiter of your business: it will judge the viability of the business, solve every argument that may ...
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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Entrepreneur Should Know

The world is indeed a global village. We no longer think of distance as a drawback when it comes to transmitting information. By the miracle of technology, you can reach a vast audience from just one spot. With the African continent being the most youthful in the world, according to ...
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Startup inspiration

5 Reasons to Re-think Your Startup Inspiration

Raise your glass to the African entrepreneurs, the risk takers out there surfing the waves in the world of business, making a difference, giving back to their society. Every one of us is uniquely dynamic and embodies a world within us, which we can tap into, to bring out what ...
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Importance of business plan


The Importance of business plan in entrepreneurship is equivalent to, having a gps device that gives you directions and locations. It is a very important strategic tool for an entrepreneur. While a business plan is consider as a very essential entrepreneurship tool, not every entrepreneur sees the need for it ...
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Change for Africa

‘NaWeWe’… The Long Awaited Change for Africa

Growing up I learned Africa was the future. That though, the continent had been taunted by the bitter experiences of slavery, slave trade and colonialism, it possessed a vast variety of natural resources. The history books gave all the facts and records about the prowess of this continent; seemingly unending ...
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Create your brand

Create Your Brand!

Welcome people! Let’s talk a tidbit about branding today!! If you really are or want to be an entrepreneur this is a phrase you can’t escape. Working on your brand is really just what will differentiate you from your competitors. As an entrepreneur working on your brand is as important ...
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5 things to know before becoming an entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur-5 things to know

Becoming an entrepreneur gives you freedom. Before thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, you may have read entrepreneur success stories and you're content with their work and you delude yourself into thinking that you will experience the same level of success as soon as you get started. We pay attention to ...
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Start-Up Your Business on the Right Foot

It is an explosion of ideas out there! The number of start-up businesses in our time is indicative of the brilliant minds and people seeking to contribute to society by providing one service or the other. It almost is becoming the trend. Becoming an entrepreneur is both possible and very ...
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