Cameroon daily sees the rise of young entrepreneurs that are not only purpose driven but are also impact oriented. Today, come meet Mokate Ashu, a top notch entrepreneur   who is not only married but is a proud father of three wonderful beings!!


He says of himself,

“I am Mokate Ashu, an impact driven transformational entrepreneur, founder of JUNGO HUB, an innovation based Business Development Social Enterprise, which combines a technology studio, an incubator/accelerator, an innovation academy and a creative design mall to empower young entrepreneurs in a co-creation and co-working space.”

Previously, he worked with Afriland First Bank and with the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention which he describes as “very great and rewarding experiences” for him. However, he was pushed to find a solution to a problem he felt was his to solve, situations that inspired him to resign and pursue something different, his own vision. He says,

“My several challenges as a kid, my experience with poverty, my exposure to the banking sector and the research on poverty. These are  the cumulative experiences moved me to resign from my job to focus on raising a brand of new generation of African kings and queens, who through exceptional creative design, moral innovative disruption and impact driven transformational entrepreneurship will change the narratives of this continent.”


Asides professor P.K Fokam, Martin Luther King and Strive Masawiya who inspire him, Mr. Mokate also admits the journey can be hard. He faced the very challenge almost all entrepreneurs face, lack of experience, finance, affording qualified staff,  difficult access to the required infrastructure but with resilience and a big heart, things can eventually work out. He advises,


“I learned on the “fly”, I designed solutions as I faced the challenges, doors opened as I hung in with resilience….I closed my ears from all available forms of pressure…I focused on my goals and I’m here creating the right impact for my country and continent. I still feel like giving up, giving up is quite a regular feeling but I just don’t give up. My passion to see Africans respected globally, my passion to change our narratives and my passion to give African young persons the voice they deserve, keeps me focused.”

So much already learned from such a resilient man! Mokate Ashu is such an inspiration!  Stories like this change our mindset on entrepreneurship and give us the courage to dare to pursue our entrepreneurial dream. Thumbs up to you sir and we will be sure to cheer as you journey to hit the mark!!!

By Tanyi Linda


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