Becoming an entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur gives you freedom.  Before thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, you may have read entrepreneur success stories  and you’re content with their work and you delude yourself into thinking that you will experience the same level of success as soon as you get started.

We pay attention to the final product of a successful entrepreneur without remembering that, “Nothing good come easy.”

What we don’t see, are the challenges they have overcome in order to be where there are.

Read the following 5 realities and prepare your mind, as you think of becoming and entrepreneur:

1. Becoming an entrepreneur, Failure is evident

It is an inevitable, and essential part of entrepreneurship which is not an easily acceptable fact. However, the ability to recover from a failure is what makes the difference. As an entrepreneur when faced with failures, you dust up your shoes and start the next journey while using your previous mistakes as a stepping stone.

2. Becoming an entrepreneur: Nothing goes according to the plan

Your plans may be well spelled out for the first few months/ year, but no matter how much research you have done, you will not be able to predict everything. Even things you can predict will not happen exactly how you envisioned. You have to learn to adapt quickly and sometimes you will adapt in ways that are not comfortable to you.

3. Becoming an entrepreneur: You will have to do everything yourself

Assuming the responsibility of Manager, Administrator, Developer, Marketing, Human Resource, Technician, Public Relations, at the same time will wear you down as well as discourage you along the process.

4. Becoming an entrepreneur: Emotions will set in

You will feel depressed and discouraged about the progress of your venture. But know that, when your emotions get over you,  misery will set in and you will make many unreasonable decisions. Avoid making any decisions out of emotions, whether you are happy, depressed or angry.

5. Business | Personal Life | Health | Family

I witness this daily. Business needs more working hours than regular 9-to-5 (or 8-5), which makes it more difficult & challenging. Family needs your attention and may not understand whatever you explain to them. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you need to set your priorities straight to enable you know where to devote more of our time.

Never-the-less, no matter how good your idea is, it could become a source of regret if engaged in without proper preparation and a clear sense of vision. Read our article on Start-Up Your Business on the Right Foot

Note that people do not care about the struggles, you go through in becoming an entrepreneur. That is, the betrayals, the rumors, the criticism, the empty bank accounts as well as the lonely nights that you go through trying to make your vision a reality.

Keep up and bear the following in mind

  • Show up daily.
  • Work hard daily.
  • Educate and improve yourself daily.

Do all this, even though, you feel like all is not moving and quitting sets to be the best bail out plan.

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