Starting a business can be quite tough as you not only have to produce quality products or services but have to deal with the pressure that comes with being your own boss.  As an entrepreneur, there is a need for you to be continuously innovative and creative as you seek to make your products or services meet up with the demand of the changing times. Sometimes, all you need to boost your business and get things going is inspiration. Many entrepreneurs have no issue starting their business because at the start there is always a bubble of inspiration but as time goes on and as the reality of the business sinks in, it becomes harder and harder to find inspiration. Not to worry.  Here are some tips on finding entrepreneurial inspiration whenever you need to get it.

1) Journaling:

A good way to find inspiration as an entrepreneur is to take out time to do some journaling.  You can call it penning down your thoughts in a book. All you have to do if find a quiet place to write all that comes to your mind about the business. Your dreams, your hopes about the business can inspire with new ideas and even new approaches to your business. Inspiration comes along with aspiration. All you need is a pen, book and some quiet time to write.

2) Pressure:

This tip might be one of the weirdest things you’ve ever heard but it is true. Most people will generally hate working under pressure because they want ample time to figure out what they want to produce and create. Time can be a wonderful asset but under pressure our minds works faster and you will be shocked at the great ideas you could get working under pressure. Pressure is a good source of inspiration as it pushes you to search for ideas that will solve the problem at hand. So our advice, do not run away from situations that put you under pressure because pressure is a great way to stir up inspiration.

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3) Vacation:

In as much as working is great, as an entrepreneur, you must bring yourself to the place of valuing rest. Vacations are a great way to release some steam and create some space for more ideas to be formed. Generally, people think they waste more money going on vacations than they gain but this is technically not the case. This is because the time and money lost by a stuffy brain can be gained by a relaxed brain. We spend more time and lose many more opportunities when we are not inspired to keep going on. It then becomes very important to take vacations that will help your mind and in so doing, will also help you get inspired. If you can’t go on a vacation, just take a break, change your scenery for a while just to get your mind focused on other things that will surely distract it.

4) Healthy feeding:

This might not be a very common point but it is important to eat right. You must try to eat the foods that will make your brain more active. This is because inspiration comes from the mind and for inspiration to come one needs a healthy brain. Here are a list of few foods that boost the brain and memory:

  • Oily fish
  • Blueberries
  • Coffee
  • Turmeric
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Broccoli
  • Nuts

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5) Do research:

Finding out about the new inventions that are being created, not only keeps you informed but gives you new perspective. It helps you see your business with a different lens, as your mind opens to bigger possibilities and consequently gets inspired.

These few tips will help you find inspiration as an entrepreneur, as you continually use your business to solve a need or problem in society.  They will help you find the inspirations you need to grow and expand the business you have. Inspiration may be spontaneous but there are certain things that when put in place can trigger it. Try these tips and tell us how they helped you get inspiration as you carried along your entrepreneurial activities.

Be Inspired!

“Today is the beginning of the Rest of your Life! You are the Pilot of your life! Lock in your destination; take off to it, from where you are.”

Vimal Shah, BIDCO, Kenya


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