Benefits of Social Media MarketingThe world is indeed a global village. We no longer think of distance as a drawback when it comes to transmitting information. By the miracle of technology, you can reach a vast audience from just one spot. With the African continent being the most youthful in the world, according to the UNDP, internet activity is at a dramatic rise, especially with the popularity of social media and increase use of mobile phones.

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The popularity of social media is good news to smart marketers. A powerful tool has been placed at our disposal, and our use or neglect, knowledge or ignorance of how this tool works determines what we achieve with it.

According to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media. While many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of it to spread the word about their products and services, some still find the use of it a bit labyrinthine, with a discouraging mastery process. But if you would be patient with yourself and not give discouragement the chance, you too will experience the amazing benefits of social media marketing.

Below are 5 benefits of social media marketing for you:

1.      Social Media Marketing is Cost-Effective:

To get the word out quicker and at a low cost, consider this for your advertising strategy. Almost every social networking platform offers sign up for free. There are of course paid advertising, but the good news is there is no pressure to meet up with an exorbitant cost. You can do your paid advertising within the borders of your budget. It can be a great way as well to carry out a little experiment on how your target audience would respond to your product or services, before you determine how much more you would want to invest in paid advertising. Social media marketing is one smart way to get ROI on your primary investment.

2.      Social Media Marketing is a Stress-Free Way To Boost Brand Awareness:

Take advantage of every opportunity there is to boost awareness of your brand or increase your visibility. Social media offers one of such opportunities you don’t want to neglect. Through this channel, you will be making yourself present and more accessible both to new and existing customers. There is no doubt that having a social media page will benefit your business, but to see the benefit, there is one more thing you will need to add to the existence of the page: consistency. Be consistent; use the page regularly. It has the capacity to bring your business a wide audience.

3.      With Social Media Marketing Engaging Customers is Made Easy:

Engaging and interacting with your customers is made easy, or even easier, with social media. Communication builds strong relationships, hence loyalty or conversions, and this is what your business needs. Consistent communication helps you to know the wishes and interest of your audience; in other words, you will understand them more.

Communicating with your customers regularly registers in their brains as you or your business caring about them.

4.      Social Media Marketing Increases traffic:

Most start-ups may hit the road running without a website, but taking advantage of social media as the voice of their brand. This isn’t a bad idea at all. But when you finally get that website, your social media page becomes added advantage to increase your website traffic. Every content you share acts like a compass to take social media users to your website to discover more. Let your content be relevant to your brand and be of quality. This is vital to generate inbound traffic.

5.      Social Media Marketing Boost Your SEO Rankings:

This is worth mentioning when considering the benefits of social media marketing.

Social media presence now plays an important role in calculating rankings. When your business shares its content on social media, it is signaling to search engines, announcing the integrity and consistency of your brand. To be ranked for a given set of keywords, it will count remarkably if you have a strong social media presence.

A Word of Motivation:

The benefits of social media marketing holds true for startups as well as established brands. We believe in the African market place and every actor on the scene is contributing to the prosperity of the continent. As a business owner, you should know you are not the only one in your field. We thought of a way to motivate you to take social media marketing more seriously. And what better way is there than to announce to you that your competition is already using it and making progress!

So, while you create your brand and rethink your startup inspiration, it is necessary for you to position yourself and leverage the benefits of social media marketing.

Sit up, be smart, and get involved.


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