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Raise your glass to the African entrepreneurs, the risk takers out there surfing the waves in the world of business, making a difference, giving back to their society. Every one of us is uniquely dynamic and embodies a world within us, which we can tap into, to bring out what is within and impact the different realms of life.

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Starting up a business is bringing to the outside what is in the inside. You can only give what you have. Time and mental energy must come into play behind the curtains before the display of what everybody will see on the stage as your business.
Different people have different motivations to follow their dream of launching a profitable company.

We previously considered some of the not-so-good and the downright bad reasons to start up a business. The “good book” says the wise man built his house upon a rock and it did not go down with the rain. For your start-up to not go down with the rain of challenges, you need to ask yourself some tough questions and rethink your initial Startup inspiration. Here are some points to deliberate on before you take that leap.

1. Is your startup inspiration real?

This should be the first question on your mind. You should be able to sit back, observe and ensure that the startup inspiration you want to take advantage of, is real. It is not about spotting a need that you readily want to meet. This would require research and based on your research, you come up with an idea that will deliver value to your clients; an idea that you are certain people will be willing to pay for. You won’t come to this conclusion through shallow observation.

2. You Have the Resolve to Not Back Down:

Things may be slow at the start, there will be trying times, others will doubt the viability of your idea, failure will show its ugly head every now and then. Don’t be in denial of these possibilities. Agree with yourself that it will not be a bed of rose petals. It’s all about tenacity and optimism. Once you resolve in your mind to come head-on with the challenge, your brain will get to work for a solution.

3. You Have the Experience Needed:

Inexperience doesn’t take long to announce itself. You should possess above average understanding of the industry you find yourself in, the competition, the market, the customers. Let it be something you are comfortable with, not totally new to you otherwise you will be in for a struggle. If you don’t possess the skills and you are passionate indeed about the industry, don’t stop yourself. Get the skills!

4. You Have the Resources:

As much as we can’t overemphasize the place of financial capital when we speak of resources, this shouldn’t be the only thing that comes to your mind. Resources could equally be in the form valuable net-works, information and knowledge. These all give your idea a boost.

5. You will Enjoy Learning-As-You-Go:

Once you begin, there will be the need for growth and growth may come in unfamiliar ways. It will be demanding and you may find yourself needing to play different roles. You should make up your mind to enjoy the learning process when you are faced with the unfamiliar. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t know. The unfamiliar becomes familiar when we choose to learn.
The best way to predict your future is to create it – according to Abraham Lincoln. That is one quote to keep in mind as you rethink your motivations. Build upon a rock and let your reason for starting up be more powerful than the idea to start up.



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