CEO/Founder at STE TTC.

“As an entrepreneur, ‘stay focused to your dreams and develop the required skills to achieve them”

I have done all sort of odd jobs to be where I am today. Most of us today believe, once we graduate from school we must only secure white collar jobs to take off with life.

In my case after graduating from University, I started as a street hawker selling second handed shoes in the city of Douala-Cameroon.

Through this petty trade, I was introduced to a company, which later hired me as an errand boy on a salary of FCFA 30,000. I would run errands as if that was all I had to do.

One day, I approached my boss telling him I could work with a computer. He was shocked and changed the discussion topic. However one afternoon, he decided test my IT capabilities which I delivered to his required expectation and it impressed all at the office.

One other faithful day, I told him I could drive which he tested me on that too.

Work went on as usual as I closely observed what they were doing on a daily basis.

I later on told my boss, I could also do sales. He hesitated for a while but later integrated me into the sales team where I grew up to the level of manager.

I moved from a salary of 30.000 to 60.000 to 150.000 and later to 250.000.

But one thing that did not change throughout this salary changes was my lifestyle. I maintained same room, same restaurants as well as same means of transportation for my daily routines. This used to baffle my friends, but I had a focus on my goals knowing where I came from. This lifestyle actually helped me to safe money.

I later on opened a shop in Douala (TTC Cameroun), where I will purchase truck tyres and car batteries from other shops and display as samples. I would go around town prospecting clients and once they place their order, I would get the products from the said dealers and supply to them, while making a commission.

This business grew over time and before I knew it, I started travelling out of Cameroon and today, I represent a brand of truck tyres in the Central African Region.

I have diversified my business and I am also the Founder and CEO of a Real Estate Acquisition and Development Company based in Douala-Cameroon (AMG Cameroun).

More on my story, watch this video…


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